Our base service of 200 emails sent per day, including all software expenses, prospect data, cleaning, etc. is $1,950 per month and requires a 3-month commitment. There is a $1,000 fee paid upfront to cover the initial setup and the 2 to 3 week period in which we build up the reputation of your branded domains. The $1,950 is required upfront before the start of the first month of your campaign. Alternatively, you can pay for the 3-months upfront for a total cost of $6,000, an approximate 25% discount.

  • 200 prospects contacted daily X 28 days X 3 months = 16,800 prospects contacted
  • 16,800 prospects X 2 emails sent = 33,600 emails sent
  • 33,600 emails sent DIVIDED by $6k fee = $.18 per contacted lead

At just $.18 cents per email sent, this is more cost-efficient than most platforms charge for just contact data.

Otherwise for payment, we accept major credit cards, bank transfers, Venmo, PayPal, and most cryptos.

Each additional 40 emails sent per day (1 Email Account) costs $400/month.