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Unlock Your Tokens True Potential

Drive the awareness your blockchain project deserves with out breaking the bank.

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Matthew LaCrosse

Growth Marketing Expert
(415) 890-4012
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The Forward Momentum to Fuel Your Project

No fluff, no fuss, we focus on one ROI driven growth tactic to drive consistent awareness to your token generation event or initial coin offering.

Some Projects We’ve Worked With

We’ve helped raise over $100 million dollars for our clients since 2018.

Matthew LaCrosse

10+ Years Growth Marketing

Lead Generation You Can Rely On

Reach Your Ideal Prospects on Auto Pilot

(415) 890-4012

Envisioning a Fair and Transparent World

We’ve been advocating the blockchain movement since 2017 and became extremely active on the circuit in 2018. Matthew has helped guide well over 100 blockchain startups to success.

We boost our clients to get more sales

We Build Relationships

We’re your outsourced team with that in-house feel. We focus on quality, not quantity. It’s no wonder 42% of organizations say that email is their most effective lead generation channel.

Proprietary Processes

Doing cold email outreach is an art form that very few know how to do properly. We’re committed to running your campaign in a manner that not only yields results but also protects your brand.

It’s 43% more efficient to outsource your lead generation

Headache free and done for you. Research, domain warming, copywriting, data mining, tool setup, email sending, domain monitoring, and much more. It’s time to drive some serious awareness to your blockchain project.

All Inclusive Cold Email Outreach That Works

Starting at


  • 200 emails will be sent from your brand everyday

  • 60% average open rate & 99% deliverability

  • Includes one follow-up nurture message

  • Fresh high-value prospects are mined for you daily

  • We thoroughly clean and process all the data for you

  • All data is provided so you can retarget with ads

  • Report results sent to you on a weekly basis

  • Includes expert strategizing and copywriting

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What do we need to do on our end?2021-01-11T21:07:54-08:00

We have a form that only takes 5 minutes to fill out. Our clients prefer that they own their own data and branded domains. We will provide you a spreadsheet with domain suggestions for you to purchase along with email accounts to create. The amount of domains you need to purchase depends on the plan you choose. Once you’ve purchased the domains and set up the GSuite or Outlook (better deliverability), just provide us with the login details and we take it from there. You will have final approval on copy iterations and we will work together with your team to finalize our outreach strategy and goals.

How long does everything take to setup and launch?2021-01-11T21:08:59-08:00

It only takes a few minutes to purchase the domains. You will want to set up forwarding for each domain to your website. It takes about 15 minutes to set up a GSuite or Outlook email. Once we have the login details it will take us 3 days to create the copy and set up all of the tools needed. Even though the majority of our process remains heavily manual, we still rely on a great many tools like Zapier, Google Sheets, email list cleaners, warming software, etc. We of course work to make sure everything works with your tech stack, CRM, etc. It will take about 2 weeks to warm up your email accounts before the campaign can start.

How do you get such good deliverability and open rates?2021-01-11T21:10:22-08:00

The most common reason for poor deliverability is caused by a bad domain reputation. This happens by using data that hasn’t been properly cleaned. Also, the more emails you send per day will lead to higher bounce rates, complaints, and getting marked as spam. We avoid all of this by sending a lower amount of emails and spreading them across multiple branded domains and emails. We then combine that low number of cold emails sent and put them alongside warm email rates which increases all the metrics needed to keep your domain reputation in perfect standing.

Do you offer any type of guarantee?2021-01-11T21:11:18-08:00

While we do not offer any type of money-back guarantee we do offer a guarantee of satisfaction. This process we have developed is extremely labor-intensive and also has high overhead from the acquiring, cleaning, manual processing, and input of all data to all of the tools needed to make it successful. For those reasons, we can not offer any type of money-back guarantee. However, our satisfaction guarantee ensures just that. Meaning that if for some reason you aren’t entirely happy with the results of your campaign, we will continue to run the campaign free of charge for an additional month, at which point we can reconvene.

How else can we use this service?2021-01-11T21:12:21-08:00

To think about how best to use this powerful growth marketing tactic you need only think about your own objectives. Depending on your goals and what can best benefit your project, we can shift our messaging and targeting. You could for instance go after business partnerships, social influencers, media outlets, traders, high net worth individuals, employees, and so much more.

Do you offer any additional services?2021-01-11T21:13:25-08:00

All of our clients receive complimentary consultation services. We will help advise you on your website design, pitch decks, and other sales or marketing-related content. We will do our best to guide you on marketing experiments you should run, channels you should explore, and tools you should add to your arsenal. We can also provide you with additional prospect data so that you can use it for paid advertising, cold calling, and more.

If you prefer to keep your email outreach in-house, we are able to offer prospect data to your team. Please reach out for more information.

What are the payment terms?2022-02-02T22:35:41-08:00

Our base service of 200 emails sent per day, including all software expenses, prospect data, cleaning, etc. is $1,950 per month and requires a 3-month commitment. There is a $1,000 fee paid upfront to cover the initial setup and the 2 to 3 week period in which we build up the reputation of your branded domains. The $1,950 is required upfront before the start of the first month of your campaign. Alternatively, you can pay for the 3-months upfront for a total cost of $6,000, an approximate 25% discount.

  • 200 prospects contacted daily X 28 days X 3 months = 16,800 prospects contacted
  • 16,800 prospects X 2 emails sent = 33,600 emails sent
  • 33,600 emails sent DIVIDED by $6k fee = $.18 per contacted lead

At just $.18 cents per email sent, this is more cost-efficient than most platforms charge for just contact data.

Otherwise for payment, we accept major credit cards, bank transfers, Venmo, PayPal, and most cryptos.

Each additional 40 emails sent per day (1 Email Account) costs $400/month.

“Matthew was critical towards the success of our ICO campaign. He went above and beyond, hit the circuit, and organized countless meetings with investors which lead us down the path of success we are on today.”

Harrison Gross

CEO & Co-Founder @ Lucyd

Let’s Make This Happen

When implemented properly a single cold email lead generation campaign can generate leads more effectively than any other lead generation strategy.

“The team at Promote Crypto is top notch. They’ve helped us unlock our potential online and offline. We have experienced year over year growth due to their progressive approach.”

Jeff Donnelley

MegaFans CEO

Matthew LaCrosse

Growth Marketing Expert
(415) 890-4012
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